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Yoga Props 101 – Yoga Journal


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Perhaps you’ve heard talk of how yoga props can enhance your practice, but aren’t sure how to get started. Antoinette Webb, creator of the prop-centric sequence that follows, understands. “When I first started my yoga practice, it was difficult for me to find someone who looked like me to inspire me, it was also hard finding resources depicting people utilizing yoga props to access these amazing poses, too. And before I started my practice, I didn’t really know yoga props were a thing!”

Over time, Webb learned that yoga props do not make your practice less than, just like not using them doesn’t make your practice better than. These tools are here to support you in your body as well as your practice by offering a loving way to meet your body and your practice honestly and openly. Some days you may feel stiff as a board and may not be able to access a shape or range of motion you did days or weeks before. Maybe on other days you want to take a more restorative approach to your practice; props are great for that!

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