Life The Time to Rest is Now

The Time to Rest is Now


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My maternal grandmother Ora taught me about radical care. I used to watch my grandmother as she sat on her plastic covered yellow couch where she meditated for thirty minutes every single day. She was a survivor of Jim Crow terrorism in the deep South and fled her home in Mississippi with thousands of other African Americans during the Great Migration of the 1950s. Ora floated up North on a spaceship built from uncertainty and hope as she landed in Chicago. She magically raised nine children, while working a job as an essential worker in a psychiatric hospital, dodging poverty, racism, and the invisibility of being a Black woman in America. Her commitment to “resting her eyes” every day for thirty minutes was radical. Her ability to demand space to “just be” was a form of resistance. 


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Whenever I would ask her if she was sleeping, her response was always the same: “Every shut eye ain’t sleep. I am resting my eyes and listening for what God wants to tell me.” While all of the world around her was attempting to crush her spirit, she rested and resisted the beast of grind culture. She taught my mother to rest, she taught me to rest and now I am teaching hundreds of thousands to embrace rest as a way to make us all more human.

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