SUP Yoga Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Your Perfect Pandemic Escape

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Your Perfect Pandemic Escape


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Author Elizabeth Marglin practicing yoga on the Bic Sport 10’6 Beach Air SUP

Author Elizabeth Marglin practicing yoga on the Bic Sport 10’6 Beach Air SUP

Summertime, and the quarantining is easy: Fish are jumping and the lake is still high. At least from the vantage point of a standup paddleboard (SUP)—with a view of blue sky and a lake underfoot, the sound of your oar rippling through the water—the pandemic, however briefly, can simply fade away. SUPing is a perfect aid for summertime decompression, with a built-in social-distancing feature and a rich way to commune with your body, breath, and nature.

If you’ve never supped before, don’t let it intimidate you. If you can do Tree Pose, you can SUP. Much like yoga, SUPing offers a way to help you calm your mind and strengthen your body, albeit immersed in nature’s stunning glory and fresh air. Once you try it out, you’ll be amazed by SUPing’s accessibility and delight. Here are a just a few reasons to take a paddleboard for a spin.

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Step into Zen

First of all is the Zen factor—unless you are SUPing on the ocean or a river, lake SUPing is the epitome of shanti, the Sanskrit word for peace. On days with little wind, you glide across the lake, your core steady and your arms fluid, but feeling a sense of effortlessness, akin to the weightlessness of downhill skiing. It’s a moveable meditation: standing, taking in your surroundings with all your senses, finding your center, and letting the tensions in your mind unravel in the silence.

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