Health 360 Product Review: Invigor8 Superfood Shakes

Product Review: Invigor8 Superfood Shakes


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Price: $60

Yoga Journal Review

We were given the opportunity to try Invigor8’s French Vanilla and Triple Chocolate Brownie Superfood Shake for a month. It was typically consumed by mixing it into a smoothie, and we used it before exercise, after exercise, and as a breakfast. We prefer it as a breakfast shake because of how filling it is, and its cognitive enhancers from the L-Theanine and Bacopa Herb Extract made us much more alert and ready to tackle the day in the mornings. Two scoops were enough to carry us through until lunch, and we noticed that it naturally made us want to eat smaller portion sizes for the rest of our meals. It mixed very well into smoothies with only small bits of the powder getting stuck on the walls of the glass instead of dissolving. The flavors were rich like a milkshake, but not too bold. The chocolate and vanilla flavors felt more like an aftertaste when mixed with other fruits and veggies, which was nice because it didn’t overpower the fresh ingredients. Consuming this superfood powder while regularly exercising made our bodies feel stronger and look leaner—while staving off hunger and helping pare down portion sizes. The only downside was that immediately after consuming, it felt heavy in our stomachs for up to 2 hours.

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