Health 360 Product Review: Boost Oxygen Think Tank

Product Review: Boost Oxygen Think Tank


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We tested Boost Oxygen Think Tank oxygen canisters for a month. Marketed as a nootropic brain booster, the pronounced rosemary aroma—a cognitive stimulant—and burst of 95% pure oxygen did improve our memory and focus. The rosemary scent wasn’t overpowering; instead, the piney aroma complimented the oxygen stream well. It acted like on-demand aroma therapy instead of having an oil diffuser working somewhere else in your room and the added benefit of the oxygen increased our concentration more than having an ambient scent constantly lingering. The moment you pull the trigger on the canister, you instantly get a head rush that lasts for one to two minutes. It makes you feel revitalized and alert, kind of like drinking a large cup of coffee without having to deal with caffeine or the jitters. We kept it by our desks and used it before and during an important assignment to energize us for the task ahead. (Irrelevant?) An unexpected benefit of having Boost Oxygen Think Tank on-hand was using it to help us breathe when wildfires poured smoke into our homes in Boulder, Colorado. Being able to consume pure oxygen when all of the air was tainted with ash made us feel healthier and more safe. The only downside to the canisters is that it’s hard to tell when you run out. They’re literally light as air so you have to judge based off the pressure of the air stream. The rosemary aroma is initially pungent but slowly fades, and we made the mistake of thinking that less rosemary meant no more oxygen. Only after coming back to old canisters multiple times did we realize that the air pressure is the main indicator, allowing us to get many more days of use out of a single canister. One 10-liter canister could last you 5-7 days of intermittent use.

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