Types of Yoga Phoenix Rising System 101: Yoga Therapy Trailblazer Michael Lee...

Phoenix Rising System 101: Yoga Therapy Trailblazer Michael Lee Shares His Methodology


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Prior to 1984, if someone had told me that a few minutes in Extended Triangle Pose would alter the course of my entire life, I may have laughed at them. But that’s exactly what happened.


During practice one day, my yoga-teacher friend Don Stapleton was guiding me in the pose when I started feeling hot sensations and strong emotions. My mind flashed back to a long-buried memory of being beaten in the schoolyard by a group of older boys. While I wanted to retreat from the intensity of the vision, my friend’s support helped me stay present with it.

Afterward, through journaling, I realized that in the time since that incident, I continued to be intimidated by—and avoided—people who I deemed more powerful than me in some way, such as in authority or size. This ended up limiting my own growth; I wasn’t reaching my potential. Once I had this epiphany, something shifted within me, and I began connecting with leaders and innovators in ways I hadn’t been able to before. I grew stronger, more aware, and more effective in my interactions with others.

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