bandhas Mula Bandha for Better Sex: What You Need to...

Mula Bandha for Better Sex: What You Need to Know


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If you’re searching for better sex, you have to realize what’s missing. Great sex is about connection. Connection with your partner, connection with your breath, and connection with your body.

More specifically, it is about connecting with the anatomy of your body and its needs and desires.

Yoga is also about connection. On a personal level, it is about the union between your consciousness and your body.

You have probably read or heard someone say that yoga can improve your sex life. But contrary to the impression that the media portrays, yoga’s ability to spice up your sex life isn’t solely due to poses.

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Instead, it is more about connection and the internal movements and constrictions of the body. It is about the bandhas and your connection to them.


What Are Bandhas?

Bandhas are energetic locks that contain energy within your body.

A Quick Guide to Understand the Bandhas and Deepen Your Yoga Practice

There are three principle bandhas and one that ties them all together.

Mula Bandha, or the “Root Lock”, is one of the principle bandhas and is located in the pelvic floor region.

What Is Mula Bandha and How Can It Lead to Better Sex?

Mula Bandha is the lowest bandha in the body and cuts through the Brahma Granthi, which is said to be the energetic knot of our resistance to change. Brahma Granthi lies in Muladhara which is the Root Chakra.

Engaging and strengthening Mula Bandha helps to create that extra spark in your sex life. Engaging Mula Bandha means to contract and lift the muscles and internal tissues from the anus to the navel and raise them in the general direction of your spine.

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that you actually use during sex. More specifically, the muscles engaged in Mula Bandha are the ones used during orgasm.

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The stronger these muscles are, the more intense your orgasms are likely to be. These muscles not only support sexual health and vitality, but they also keep your organs in place.

How Do You Engage Mula Bandha for Better Sex?

Engaging Mula Bandha is one of the few exercises that directly works the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are very similar, but not exactly the same. Engaging Mula Bandha requires you explore your body in a bit more of an intimate and organic way.

Sexual educator Suzie Heumann, explains, “By locking the pelvic muscles, and visualizing the upward movement of energy throughout the inner body, the topography of the interior organs can be felt and explored. This is called proprioception . . .

When we pay attention, we can begin to feel our bladders, uteruses, prostate glands, cervixes, many of our organs and other soft tissues. This, in turn, aids visualization and potential healing.”

Thankfully, like Kegels, learning how to engage Mula Bandha is easy to learn. The bonus is that it can be done anywhere!

First, if you have Kegel exercises in your tool box, forget them for a bit. They are often taught by directing to engage the urinary sphincter and to ignore the rest of the pelvic floor which isn’t helpful with Mula Bandha engagement.

Anatomy of the Pelvis and Mula Bandha

Before moving into a description of how to engage Mula Bandha, let’s start with some basic anatomy of the pelvic region.

Begin by envisioning the area between your pubic bone, your tailbone, and your two sitting bones. These four points create an oval-shaped set of muscles that literally prevent your organs from falling out of your body.

The pelvic floor muscles unconsciously provide support for the organs during sex, weight-bearing exercises, and during elimination.

Engaging Mula Bandha helps you to learn how to consciously engage the pelvic floor muscles.

Here’s How to Engage Mula Bandha for Better Sex:


1. Begin in a Comfortable Position

To practice engaging Mula Bandha, you can either find a comfortable seated position or stand in Mountain Pose.

2. Focus on Your Pelvic Floor

Bring your focus to the oval of the pelvic floor region – the pubic bone, the tailbone, and the two sitting bones.

3. Engage Your Musculature

Next, narrow that oval by drawing your two sitting bones closer to each other. Engage and release 10 times.


4. Engage Further

Now, shorten the oval by drawing your pubic bone and tailbone closer to each other. Engage and release 10 times.

5. Activate Even More

Lastly, draw all four points of the oval together at the center. Engage and release 10 times.

Once you get the hang of it, you can also practice engaging Mula Bandha in Warrior II, Chair Pose, Boat Pose, Garland Pose, and virtually any other asana.

Use Mula Bandha for Better Sex

Depending on your body, it may be easier or more difficult to engage Mula Bandha in a yoga pose versus while sitting.

Each and every one of us is at a different place physically, so don’t rush your progression with this practice.

It may take you longer than someone else to even be able to feel the four points of the oval in the pelvic region. That’s okay!

Be patient, focus on your breath and your body. They will lead you where you need to go. Always.

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