astrology May 2020 Planets in Retrograde and What it Means...

May 2020 Planets in Retrograde and What it Means to You


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Before I formally studied astrology, I was always fascinated with seeing and being present with starlight and pondering the meaning of what I was seeing and experiencing. It seemed I had a relationship, connection, and conversation with the planets long before I truly knew what was happening. I already had a deep interest in plants and herbal medicine, so I began to see the similarities between the planets in the celestial plane and the plants in the terrestrial plane. In all of my studies, I keep coming back to the same idea, which is also a part of my personal journey with yoga: the mind, planets, plants, organ systems, and emotions help me recognize that we are all one. Unity is more important than ever during these unprecedented times.

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen

We have four planets in retrograde in May. What does that mean? When a planet goes into retrograde, the motion of the planet in the sky appears to be going backward relative to Earth’s location in space. But, it’s not. Have you ever driven past another car on the road and it looks like it’s going backward? This is a good analogy for retrograde motion.

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