Earth Day How to Support the Planet This Earth Day

How to Support the Planet This Earth Day


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Fight climate change by donating today. 

Fight climate change by donating today. 

Earth Day during lockdown feels different. Many of us are consuming less and enjoying the green spaces in our neighborhoods more. There has been an environmental silver lining to having fewer cars on the road. According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum, NO₂ (nitrogen dioxide) levels over cities in Europe and China have dropped by over 40% in just a few months — the equivalent of removing almost 200,000 cars from roads. NO₂ emissions mainly come from cars and power plants and are responsible for a host of respiratory diseases such as asthma. This dramatic improvement in air quality demonstrates just what an impact our lifestyle choices can have on the planet.

There’s also been a reclamation of spaces by wild creatures. Here in Boulder, Colorado, mountain lions are roaming the streets while in California, coyotes and bears have taken over the trails and campgrounds of a now-deserted Yosemite National Park. We are starting to see first-hand the effects of modern life on our natural world and we have an opportunity to make positive changes that can last for generations.

Massive public celebrations were planned worldwide for this 50th anniversary of Earth Day. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the the action has moved online (find out more here.) If you have the means, consider donating to the environmental organization of your choice this Earth Day, so we can keep our planet healthy long after social distancing has ended. For inspiration, here are some non-profits and sustainable products aligned with the four elements.

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