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How to Spiritually Cleanse – Yoga Journal


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In our advice column, called Wolf Wisdom, Wolf Terry, a Bhakti Yoga teacher and writer in Denver, Colorado, answers your pressing questions about practicing asana, meditation, mantra, and more. In this post, she gives advise on cleansing our energy.


Good day, Wolf.

What is a good weekly spiritual cleansing to practice?

Blessed Be :: Pure Spirit

Dear Pure Spirit,

When I am feeling spiritually stale, unmotivated, or depleted, I turn to nature. Sometimes I stand barefoot in my yard in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and connect to every leaf, rock, blade of grass, dirt pile, flower, tree, and cloud. I imagine that I’m drawing healing energy from Mother Earth through my left foot. I envision it traveling in an arc through my body, collecting all of the stuck emotions and negative thoughts fogging up my inner landscape. Then I release it back into the earth through my right foot. Other days, I sit by running water or hike into the darkest forest. However I choose to connect with the outdoors, I do so with all of myself, my whole presence. That helps remind me that my spirit and the many spirits that surround me are all connected through nature.

Nature reminds us that being spiritual is really just being. It’s a reset button, and it doesn’t cost a thing. The most yogic thing you can do is turn to Creation for restoration. If you don’t have access to a green space, a body of water, or trails, then look up. The sky is everywhere.

Best of Luck :: Wolf

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