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How to Make Space for Your Passion Project During the Coronavirus Shutdown


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They say Isaac Newton created calculus and the theory of gravity while holed up in quarantine during a pandemic.

Sets the bar pretty high, doesn’t it?

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many have taken to social media to share their intention to finally write the book or do the project they’ve been putting off… along with their total lack of confidence that they’ll actually follow through.


In my everyday work, I teach people the spiritual and practical strategies they need to finally, actually answer their callings, like writing a book or starting a business.

A principle I share over and over again is the concept of decathexis. This is the idea that when you stop pouring your time, money, energy, or attention into a particular activity or occupation, you recoup those resources back in a big, energizing wooosh.

And almost instantly, you can re-access that time, money, energy or attention and re-invest it into whatever new project or endeavor floats your boat.

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