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How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts: 5 Home Workout Tips


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Missing the gym while quarantined? We get it! But while staying safe at home, your workouts don’t have to suffer. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of your workouts from your living room or home gym, these home workout tips will definitely help!

You’ll not only not lose your progress, but you can also come out of quarantine fitter than before.

Even if you’re making do with the bare bones in terms of equipment and using weights way lighter than you’d prefer, these few hacks will go a long way.

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Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts – Try These 5 Home Workout Tips:

As an online fitness coach, I’ve worked with many clients over the years who don’t have a home gym at their disposal – and I don’t either! I promise, you can still get an amazing workout.

Even if you’re relying on creative DIY “weights” like canned food and water bottles, you can still get every last drop of effectiveness out of your home workouts.

1. Increase Your Reps

If you’re used to shoulder pressing 20-pound weights at the gym for 10 reps but you only have lighter weights at home, dial up the reps! A higher rep range with lighter weights will get you that burn you’re craving and still seriously challenge your muscles.

2. Use Bands

Is your home dumbbell collection limited? It’s okay if you’re not able to spring for new weights (hey, they ain’t cheap!). Grab inexpensive resistance bands for a budget-friendly workaround.

Add loops to your leg day (squats instantly get a LOT harder), or bands that you can use in place of weights for moves like curls and shoulder flys.

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You can find bands available in various strengths or grab a multi-pack.

Bonus tip: Got weights that are too light? Grab some five-pound ankle and wrist weights to immediately up the weight – for a lot less than you’d spend on dumbbells.

3. Reduce Your Rest Time

Let’s be real . . . some of us are guilty of spending a little too much time at the gym between sets – checking our phone, checking out our hair, etc. *Raises hand.*

A simple tip to get the most out of your home workouts and dial up the intensity and burn? Rest less!

If you normally spend a couple minutes between sets at the gym, cut this in half (while still always practicing safe form, of course) and see how much more your muscles are screaming!

4. Mix It Up

The best and most meaningful growth happens outside of our comfort zones. While at home, use this time to challenge yourself to try new types of workouts that you wouldn’t normally try.

You might not only discover a newfound love for a different fitness style, but mixing it up will instantly challenge your body (which may have gotten acclimated to routine moves).

If you’re normally a cardio fan, try lifting. Usually only practice yoga? Try a kickbox class or simply a new style of yoga!

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5. Slow It Down and Practice Mind-Muscle Connection

One of my favorite tips for how to get the most of your workouts is to slow down each move and really feel it. It sounds simple, but all too often we go on “autopilot” with our workouts. Over time, we fail to focus on truly feeling each move.

In your next workout, focus on slowing down. For example, take three seconds to lower yourself down in a push-up and three seconds to come back up.

Add to this increased mind-muscle connection – envision and feel each muscle working during each move. It makes a big difference.

The Takeaway on How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts at Home

This quarantine won’t last forever – we’ll be back to our usual gym routines eventually. But in the meantime, use this time as an excuse to expand your fitness horizons and learn new ways to challenge your body.

Ultimately, you may end up pleasantly surprised by the progress you make with these home workout tips and your home workouts in general!

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