Eco-Conscious Home and Lifestyle Products For Karma or Cash? We Looked at the Value...

For Karma or Cash? We Looked at the Value of Yoga Box Subscriptions


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In this regular Yoga Journal column, we take a close look at what’s trending in our community and what feels evidence-based, sustainable, and worth backing (for karma), and what feels like a stretch (for cash). In this installment, yoga subscription boxes are put to the test.


Goddess Provisions: a spiritual goodie bag

Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions

Get your inner deity in the mood to tackle life on a higher frequency with a monthly subscription box designed to pamper.
Always vegan and cruelty-free, the goods range from aromatherapy essentials and snacks (read: delectable eco-friendly raw chocolate) to crystals, beauty products, and divine tools like animal-themed oracle cards—all curated with you and your connection to the divine feminine in mind. Whether you opt for a one-time delivery for $33 (valued at up to $100) or a prepaid subscription for $333 per year, the company plants a tree for every box purchased, kick-starting the good vibes before the Goddess Provisions even arrive. 


more like #FABFITFAIL



Sigh: It feels like every reality star is sharing
the contents of their FabFitFun boxes
on Instagram.
The seasonal subscription box comes four times a year at $50 a pop with a tailored collection of beauty, fashion, wellness, technology, and home goods—think everything from BaubleBar jewelry and Skinvolve Body Boost Gels to a cozy plaid scarf or chic robe. While each box is valued at more than $200, there are environmental costs to consider as well. Some customers complain that the oversize boxes come filled with boatloads of unnecessary plastic packaging, and once that’s trashed, you’re left wondering whether what’s inside awaits the same fate.

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