Benefits of Meditation Even Interrupted Meditation Has its Benefits—Here’s How to Grow...

Even Interrupted Meditation Has its Benefits—Here’s How to Grow Your Own Practice


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I can laugh now at how I groaned at the many suggestions that I learn to meditate to help mitigate the myriad layers of stress in my life. So many people knew it could help me: The licensed social worker who ran my postpartum support group, the caring volunteer at my support group for Christian women recovering from abusive marriages, my online yoga teacher who specialized in trauma-sensitive yoga and holding space for Black people as they navigate racism and micro-aggressions in daily life. I groaned because I felt too stressed and overwhelmed to be still. Honestly, it seemed impossible. I had two teenagers who, thanks to COVID-19, were unhappily adapting to these restrictive, stay-at-home orders—plus a newly crawling, teething infant.

mother and son meditate together

In my frustration, I wanted to dismiss the advice because meditation felt unattainable. Between racing thoughts and my pelvis injury from giving birth, trying to just sit still in a quiet room was both stressful and painful. Internal stillness was not accessible, and I felt like I was drowning. Yet, I needed help.

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