chakras Energy Healing 101: Your Guide to Healing Crystals

Energy Healing 101: Your Guide to Healing Crystals


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Everything on earth is made up of energy. Even when there is “nothing” there, there is energy.

But you, my dear friend reading this, are made up of one of the most complex systems of energy in existence. We, as humans, hold four bodies of energy within ourselves – physical, mental/cognitive, emotional, and spiritual.

When these areas are flowing with ease, our energetic resonance is calm and happy. However, when one of more of these areas is blocked, it is more likely that we will hit block after block in these areas of our lives.

Removing this blockage will allow your energy bodies to once again flow with ease.

To remove these energetic blocks, energy healing should be practiced. Any type of energy healing works to activate the body’s energy systems so that your energy blocks and bodies can heal.

One way to remove these energetic blocks is to practice energy healing such as using healing crystals.

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What Is Crystal Healing?

Whenever we experience physical or emotional pain or trauma, the energy in our bodies can become stagnant in one or more areas. Crystal healing is a modality of energy healing where crystals are placed on or near the body to help move energy where it no longer flows.

Crystal healing is important because it can work to unblock unconscious patterns that are holding us back in some way.

Oftentimes, we fall into routines and patterns that we don’t realize can be harmful to our energetic health. Some crystals help draw out the negative energy while others work best to improve creativity, love, or keep our positive energy flowing.

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How Do I Choose Crystals for My Energy Healing?

Choosing crystals is relatively simple and there are many different ways to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Two of my favorite ways to choose a crystal to use are by color and intuition. Choose a crystal color that corresponds with the color of the chakra that is blocked. For example, if your Heart Chakra is blocked, you can choose to use a green crystal in your energy healing session to help you open your blocked chakra.

You can also choose using color by what each color represents:

  • White crystals such as quartz and selenite represent purity and hope
  • Black crystals such as onyx and tourmaline represent protection and security
  • Pink crystals such as pink opal and rose quartz represent commitment, love, and romance
  • Blue crystals such as azurite, labradorite, and lapis lazuli represent order, trust, and self assurance
  • Red crystals such as garnet and red tiger’s eye represent action, energy, and self worth
  • Purple crystals such as amethyst represent intuition and following your heart
  • Green crystals such as flourite, jade, and malachite represent health, growth, productivity, and new beginnings
  • Orange crystals such as sunstone represent joy, pleasure, and sexuality
  • Yellow crystals such as citrine and honey calcite represent enlightenment, warmth, and optimism

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I also like to choose crystals for my practice using my intuition. When I look at my healing crystals at home, there are always one or two that “stick out” to me. These are the ones that I will choose for my practice.

Choosing crystals this way is good because you may have an underlying issue that you are unaware of, but that the crystals will help you with.


How Do I Use Healing Crystals for Energy Healing?

I personally like to use my crystals in my Reiki practice. I also carry healing crystals with me in my pocket. This way, they are right there if you are feeling unsteady or need a boost of energy. Simply hold them for as long as you need.

You might even find that having them in your pocket is enough to keep your energy calm throughout the day.

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You can also use healing crystals in meditation. Surrounding yourself with crystals or holding them in your hand during a mediation practice will help you get connected with the metaphysical properties of your crystals and create a deeper connection with yourself.

Another fun way to use crystals is to put them in your bath for some self-love and detoxing! Be careful though, some crystals are not meant to be placed in water.

The Takeaway on Healing Crystals and Energy Healing in General

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to use your crystals in your energy healing practice. Even if you aren’t working on any issue in particular, crystal energy healing works to restore and maintain balance, health, and peace in all areas of your life.

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