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  1. Begin in Dandasana (Staff Pose); move your sacrum in and up toward your navel, and extend your sternum away from your navel to lengthen your front body.
  2. Feel your pubis and tailbone dropping equally toward the floor—the bowl of your pelvis is upright, neither spilling forward nor spilling back; also notice that the two sides of your waist are equally long.
  3. Imagine a central axis running through your torso from your pelvic floor to the crown of your head.
  4. Emphasize both the length and the integrity of this axis; the column is straight and is not tilting or curving off to one side or another.
  5. Keeping the imprint of this central axis, lean onto your right hip and swing your legs to the left, bending your knees and placing your feet to the outside of your left hip.
  6. Nestle your left ankle on top of your right arch, and descend your left sitting bone to recreate the evenness in your side body from Dandasana.
  7. Inhale, and lengthen along the central axis.
  8. Exhale, and twist your torso around that length to the right; keep your left sitting bone heavy.
  9. Place your left hand beneath your right knee with your fingers pointed back toward your knee, and take your right hand to the floor behind your right hip.
  10. Draw back with the head of your left upper arm so that the hand position doesn’t cause your shoulder to hunch forward.
  11. Take your gaze to the right, but make sure the twist in your neck is not happening at the expense of rotation throughout your spine and torso.
  12. Continue the essential pattern of breath; use inhalations to lengthen and exhalations to twist any amount more.
  13. Hold for 8–10 breaths, then release back to center.
  14. Repeat on the other side.

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