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Best Yoga Headstand Benches – Yoga Journal


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Top Pick

FeetUp Trainer

Safest Design and Eco-Friendly.  The shape and sturdiness of the Feet Up trainer will keep your neck and shoulders safe while doing a headstand. 

What We Liked

Safety should be your top priority when picking a headstand bench. This is the original headstand bench that was made with safety in mind. It will keep you protected from sliding and reduces tension on your neck and shoulders. This is a vegan product, the packaging is eco-friendly, and they plant a tree for every bench sold. Pick it up today. 

Most Affordable

Fittness Yoga Headstand Bench

A Budget-Friendly Non-slip Design. With suction cups creating a non-slip design and able to hold up to 440 pounds at under $80, this is the best option for someone on a budget.

What We Liked

If you want to experience a quality piece of equipment without the price tag, then this headstand bench by Fittness is for you. Its sturdy design can hold your weight without slipping so you don’t have to worry about falling or breaking the bench. It is also foldable making it perfect for on the go yoga or easy storage at home. Get it now. 

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