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Best Tennis Elbow Bars – Yoga Journal


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Best Value

TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar

Great for Beginners.  This tennis elbow bar comes at a great price and properly stretches out the wrists.

What We Liked

This flexible resistance bar is designed for therapeutic use. The clinically researched device is proven to reduce pain by up to 81 percent, making it perfect for building up arm flexibility and strength. The bar can be used for improving your grip, wrists, hands or entire arm. Plus, the affordable price makes it an excellent choice for a variety of users. Buy on Amazon.

Most Flexible

Cando 10-1513 Green Twist-n-Bend Hand Exerciser

Flexible and Versatile. This exercise bar comes in a variety of sizes to properly support a variety of users.

What We Liked

This twist hand exerciser is perfect for building up arm strength for tennis, yoga, and other sports. The bar comes in six different colors and in bulk packs, so you can get them for your entire family or studio. We love that the bar also comes in three different lengths, making for maximum flexibility. Overall, this hand exerciser is great at building up grip, hand, and arm strength. Pick One Up Today.

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