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Best Large Cold Packs – Yoga Journal


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Best for Back Pain

Resters Choice Cold Therapy Gel Pack

Extra Large and Flexible .The large cold pack made by Resters Choice is a great option for dealing with back pain specifically. This is mostly due to its size and major flexibility.

What We Liked:

If you need a big cold pack for larger areas of the body, this one is perfect. No spot will go untreated with this kind of expansive cold therapy. You’ll look forward to using this gel pack after surgery, long days at the office, exercise, and/or yardwork. Get it here.

Best on a Budget

NatraCure FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack

Affordable, Anti-Leak Option. This large cold pack made by NatraCure is the most affordable option on this list. It is also double sealed with thick nylon to prevent leaks.

What We Liked:

For a large cold pack that keeps you on budget, check out this one. It’s affordable while still being high-quality, thanks to the thick materials. Right out of the box, you’ll feel that you’ve purchased a durable go-to pack that will last you a long time. Look forward to years of soothing comfort. It’s available here.

Most Durable

Chattanooga ColPac

Long-Lasting and Non-Toxic. The Chattanooga large cold pack offers durability and flexibility. It is made from black polyurethane so it doesn’t fall apart. It also contains non-toxic silica gel that helps it to stay flexible even when it’s frozen.

What We Liked:

For the most durable large cold pack, look into this one made by Chattanooga. Its thick material won’t break or leak even with repeated daily use. Our testers found it amazing: it’s super thick, but it can still bend, thanks to the gel inside. Easily use it to wrap and relieve any aching areas of the body. It’s available today.

Most Versatile

Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack

For Hot and Cold Use. This large cold pack can be used for hot or cold therapy whenever you need it. It is microwavable, freezable, and reusable.

What We Liked:

Most large cold packs can only be used for cold therapy. But this one made by Koo-Care can do cold and hot! It’s easy to use and will help you no matter what type of therapy you need. Often, we require both heat and ice to ensure muscles heal properly. Find everything you require in one great pack! It’s available here.

Best Overall

Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack

High Quality with Extras. The large cold pack made by The Coldest Water comes with high-quality materials and was designed for athletes. It comes with straps that allow you to wrap the cold pack around any body part and keep it strapped to you.

What We Liked:

The Coldest Water’s cold pack is the best overall option due to the quality, attention to detail, and the straps that come with it. It will stay on whether you’re doing chores at home or doing yoga. No matter what you need to accomplish, it can be done while getting cool relief. Therapy on the move! We’re busy and appreciated that. Get it today.

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