Yoga Sequences A Yoga Sequence to Soothe Stress and Calm an...

A Yoga Sequence to Soothe Stress and Calm an Overactive Mind


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Sometimes multi-tasking can make you feel less like a human being and more like a human doing. An overactive mind can lead to scattered focus, feelings of overwhelm, and to negative emotions creeping in. Yoga can aid us in breaking this cycle by grounding us, helping us center, and bringing us into the present moment. Presence helps stabilize us, and allows us to experience more love, peace, joy and harmony in our lives.

To get more grounded, try this Prithvi Namaskar (earth salutation) yoga sequence by yoga teacher Melissa Gall. Anchoring warrior poses offer a steady path to quieting a jittery mind. These shapes also encourage focus because the movements build strength, endurance, and stability.

Warrior poses were named for Virabhadra. The legend of Virabhadra says this great warrior was created from the earth and his mission was to destroy the ego mind with his great sword, eliminating suffering. Each pose represents Virabhadra and his sword as he rises from the Earth (Virabhadrasana I), aims his sword (Virabhadrasana II), draws back his sword (Viparita Virabhadrasana), and destroys the ego (Virabhadrasana III).

Begin this practice with 3-5 minutes of conscious breathing to center and calm your mind before moving. The poses can either flow in as one breath per movement in a vinyasa style or each be held, perhaps for 5-10 breaths per pose. Finish with Savasana to anchor and surrender your body and concerns to the earth with every breath.

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