Hatha Yoga Sequences + Advice 8 Seated Yoga Poses for Finding Focus

8 Seated Yoga Poses for Finding Focus


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Sit on a folded blanket, preferably with your hips higher than your knees in Easy Pose. You could also sit on a bolster or on a chair. Feel your hip bones against the ground and be supported by the earth. Stretch through your spine and reach upward with the crown of your head as you take support from the sky. Close your eyes and breathe deep, calming breaths. Relax your jaw, release the tongue from the palate. Relax your temples and the space between your eyebrows. Now direct your inhalation to your heart and exhalation from your heart, down to your stomach or the place you want to focus on.

Benefits: Helps you to center yourself, find peace, and quiet your thoughts.

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