bake 5 DIY Projects to Try at Home During Quarantine

5 DIY Projects to Try at Home During Quarantine


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Did you know that some of the greatest works of literature were created during an epidemic? Shakespeare did some of his best writing during a plague. Newton helped create calculus while in quarantine. Yes, you’d be surprised what people are capable of when they have some extra time on their hands. Thus, DIY projects are trending like crazy right now.

And for good reason! During the coronavirus pandemic, we’re also seeing the start of some true creativity and innovation. Whether it’s pursuing a personal project or tapping into your inner chef, people are coming up with some pretty clever ways to stay sane and productive.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

Try These 5 Trending DIY Projects to Stay Sane and Productive During Quarantine:


1. Bake Bread

It seems this quarantine has inspired everyone’s inner Martha Stewart. All it takes is 10 seconds of scrolling on Instagram to see another baking project. And sourdough bread seems to be the number one choice for DIY projects these days.

Ready to give it a go? Check out this sourdough bread baking guide from the New York Times Cooking section.


2. Make Your Own TikTok Video

Along with trying to be professional bakers, people are trying to be professional dancers – more specifically, social media personality and dancer Charli D’amelio who is one of the most well-known TikTokers.

This short-form, video-sharing app has taken the digital world by storm. If you’re looking for some entertainment to brighten your day or inspiration to start your own, check out some of the best TikTok examples.

3. Knit or Crochet

As we hunker down in our homes, knitting and crocheting are making quite the comeback. Once a popular pastime for the elderly, the younger generation is now giving it a try.

Need supplies? Here are a few starter kits at We Are Knitters. And what’s even better is that they deliver!

4. Declutter and Reorganize

Have you been putting off cleaning your closet? How long has it been since you spruced up your space? (Be honest.) Well, there’s no time like the present! Since we’re all stuck indoors, it’s a great opportunity to make some home improvements with some DIY projects.

But before you get too excited about what color you want to paint the walls, the first thing you need to do is create a blank canvas (literally). In other words, declutter. Quarantine is a great time to break bad habits and say goodbye to what’s not working. (Calling all hoarders! You can do it!)

Now, for the fun part: cleaning and reorganizing. To make your life easier, start with the room that needs the most work.

Use These 4 Feng Shui Techniques to Declutter Your Home


5. Start a Garden

In the midst of this pandemic, many people are testing out their green thumbs. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge backyard or a small apartment windowsill (shoutout to all my urban people!). With the right care (and in some cases, lighting), plants can grow anywhere.

Surrounding yourself with plants and greenery is scientifically proven to lift your mood, and let’s face it: that’s something we could all use in these unsettling times.

Get Back to Your Roots – 5 Ways to Use Nature to Stay Grounded

Which DIY Projects Are You Going to Try?

Quarantine is a great opportunity for all of us to slow down and reflect on what we want the next chapter of our lives to look like.

Along with making some potentially big life decisions, we can take this time to improve our lives in small ways – whether it’s learning a new skill or tackling a project we’ve been putting on the backburner.

The bottom line: don’t wait, create!

Need more things to do at home? Try these 6 Calming Online Yoga Classes to Take During Quarantine

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