Ayurveda 5 Ayurvedic Supplements for Staying Calm, Grounded, and Healthy

5 Ayurvedic Supplements for Staying Calm, Grounded, and Healthy


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Yoga Journal editors wanted the 411 on what herbs and supplements may have a positive impact on our immunity and state of mind during these uncertain times. And we wanted to know, given our herbal consumption patterns, how much Ashwagandha is too much.

When there is a virus on the loose, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend adhering to standard hygiene practices, like hand-washing (see the video below), getting good sleep, eating healthy meals, and reducing stress. On top of that, and specifically for COVID-19, you can add herbs that support your respiratory mucus membrane and the healthy resident bacterial environment that lines your respiratory tract, says John Douillard, founder of LifeSpa.com and an expert in Ayurvedic medicine (yoga’s sister science).

He recommends the five below, and to be safe—as doctors don’t yet know the antiviral properties of these herbs on COVID-19—he suggests taking them at a dose of 500 mg, in capsule form, twice a day after you eat. And he suggests whole plant ingredients, rather than extracts. “At LifeSpa we use organic whole herbs that have all the microbes that a whole plant does. Studies show that the microbes that naturally occur on foods and plants support and enhance the effectiveness of the herbs,” says Douillard. “Whole herbs can also be taken in much larger dosages than extracts or other forms.”

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