Life 4 Ways to Effectively Communicate With Family and Friends...

4 Ways to Effectively Communicate With Family and Friends About Black Lives Matter, COVID, and more.


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Across the United States, friends, families, and complete strangers are having long overdue conversations about racism and privilege. For some, it’s the first time they’re engaging in this discourse and beginning to come to terms with how deep racism truly runs. And for many, these aren’t easy conversations: defenses flare; emotions are triggered; reacting drowns out understanding. Things can escalate quickly, and before you know it, we’re angry, hurt, hardened, and haven’t made any steps toward progress.

white woman holding up black lives matter sign

Nonviolent communication strategies can serve as powerful tools to refocus the conversation and find a path forward. Nonviolent communication (NVC) is “a consciousness,” says Roxy Manning, a trainer and organizer with Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice. “It’s a way of thinking about the world, and how we relate to life—not just human life, but to all life. It’s a consciousness that’s really steeped in this idea that every[thing] is motivated by meeting needs.”

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