Poses by Anatomy 4 Ways to Adapt High Lunge to Your Body...

4 Ways to Adapt High Lunge to Your Body and Needs


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In this asana column, we start with the traditional form and alignment of a pose, and then offer three adaptations, to help any body access the benefits of the posture and move safely through sequences and stretches. Here, four ways to find the physical and emotional benefits of High Lunge.

Model Rob Loud teaches embodied power vinyasa inspired by wisdom from multiple lineages. Find him at Yoga Pod in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado; in Denver; and at robloudyoga.com.

Model Rob Loud teaches embodied power vinyasa inspired by wisdom from multiple lineages. Find him at Yoga Pod in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado; in Denver; and at robloudyoga.com.

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Primary Pose Step-By-Step Instructions

1. From Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose), step your right foot forward toward your right hand.

2. Bend your right knee to make a right angle with your thigh parallel to the floor and your knee stacked above your ankle.

3. Root into the ground with the ball of your left foot. Press your left heel backward.

4. Draw your right hip back and in toward your left heel. Inhale, lifting your torso and bending your back knee.

5. Place your hands on your hips to support your pelvis as you drop your tailbone toward the floor while lifting your pubis toward your navel.

6. Rooting down through your right heel, create lift in your abdomen by drawing your belly button up and away from your pelvis toward your back body. Raise your arms up to frame your face. Do this without flaring your front ribs or spilling your pelvis forward.

7. Spin your shoulder blades out and away from your spine.

8. Keeping your tailbone heavy, straighten your left knee —but only to the degree that you can keep your pelvis still.

9. Hold for 5–10 breaths.

10. Release your hands to the floor, and step back to Downward-Facing Dog. Repeat on the other side.

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3 Adaptations of High Lunge

Find better balance and a hip flexor stretch that meets you where you are in these three variations of the pose.

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Primary pose instruction: Natasha Rizopoulos is a senior teacher and teacher trainer at Down Under Yoga in Boston. The Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga traditions inform her dynamic, anatomy-based vinyasa system Align Your Flow. Learn more at natasharizopoulos.com.

Adaptation instruction: Ann Swanson has a Master of Science in yoga therapy and is the author of Science of Yoga. Find her at annswansonwellness.com.

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