Life 4 Tarot Card Readers to Follow Now

4 Tarot Card Readers to Follow Now


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Danielle Noel

Danielle Noel


INSTAGRAM: @moonchildtarot


Intuitive artist Danielle Noel may
be from British Columbia, but her
art transcends time and place.
She has created two tarot decks:
Starchild and Moonchild Tarot. With
the divine feminine at the helm,
Noel weaves mysticism and ancient
lore into her practice to guide the
star children among us. Here, she
opens up about using tarot as a
tool, setting boundaries, and the
value of darkness.

YOGA JOURNAL: How do tarot card readings influence your creativity?

DANIELLE NOEL: Tarot and oracle cards can be very helpful when you want to check in with yourself, as they connect with our subconscious mind and energy fields. I incorporate my readings into my journaling and meditation practices, which can be very useful when it comes to creative planning or visualization.

YJ: What does a tarot card reading look like for you?

DN: I use candles and relaxing music to create a warm and inviting ambiance, and I clear the energy through visualization or some kind of sacred saining (blessing), similar to smudging. It’s helpful to be in a clear headspace—not necessarily seeking answers, because I don’t believe the cards are meant to foretell the future. They are reflective tools that can enhance our lives and help us navigate what we are feeling and sensing.

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