Ayurveda 3 Healing Crystals for Kapha Dosha

3 Healing Crystals for Kapha Dosha


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Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. It is the sister science to yoga and some professionals bring both disciplines together to form Ayu-Yog which is a complete holistic approach to an individual’s lifestyle and well-being.

The word is a Sanskrit term broken into two parts: ayur means life and veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is commonly applied to nutrition, but it can be applied to many other aspects of life too.

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Ayurveda created the concept of doshas, which are explanations of a person’s constitution. There are three types of doshas:

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

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In this article, we’ll focus on Kapha dosha, and particularly how to incorporate healing crystals into your lifestyle to help a Kapha dosha imbalance.

What Is Kapha Dosha?

Kapha means “that which sticks,” and derives from the elements Earth and Water (picture damp earth or chocolate mud cake).

When in balance, Kapha dosha is stable, soft, cool, calm, loving, caring, and affectionate. Kapha doshas have deep and soothing voices and age gracefully because of their doughy, soft skin.

They also have large eyes and smiles. Kapha women especially blossom beautifully during pregnancy. They are the earth mamas and papas who are very kind, compassionate, and patient.

When out of balance, Kapha dosha is prone to weight gain, depression, and lethargy as well as chesty coughs, sinus congestion, and water retention.

Kaphas can feel swampy, sluggish, or have a muddy mind. Psychologically, they struggle to let go and can suffer with attachment, possessiveness, and remaining in a situation that is not healthy for them.

Kapha dosha prefers a sedentary lifestyle of reading, binge watching television, gaming, or lounging in nature. Kaphas dislike cold, damp weather as it can aggravate their mood. They need warm, dry weather to pacify them.

Because Kapha types have a tendency to sloth and be too much in their bodies, their lifestyle needs to heat up and be a little more active. This also helps with weight loss and raising their body temperature, which is usually cold.

Healing crystals are especially helpful for warming Kapha when they need to heat up.

Here Are 3 Powerful Healing Crystals for Kapha Dosha:


1. Tiger’s Eye

This stone is a seeker of transformation: it is active and fiery. The stone of courage, tiger’s eye emboldens you to step out of your routine and let go of stagnant energy. This healing crystal also aids in new beginnings, unlocking potential, and finding passion.

It sets ablaze and puts into action creative projects you’ve always wanted to try or motivates you to start a new fitness program or hobby.

It’s a support stone that encourages determination and helps you to believe in yourself during exams, presentations, auditions, or job interviews.

Brilliant for quick thinking and taking action, tiger’s eye boosts willpower, emotional stability, and energy levels to help with lifestyle changes and healthier routines.

It also reduces cravings for the wrong kind of foods and helps decrease the need for snacking or binging and brings vitality to the body.

2. Fire Opal

A passionate stone of eroticism, fire opal puts fire in the belly, stimulates the sexual organs, and brings passion to the heart. It also encourages change and progress and prevents stagnation in all areas of life, including in the bedroom.

Being a seductive stone, this healing crystal intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions.

Fire opal enhances personal power and awakens your inner flame, while revitalizing your mind and body. It’s an uplifting stone that lifts you out of low moods and depression.


3. Rhodochrosite

This healing crystal is the stone of the compassionate heart. It’s symbolic of selfless love, empathy, and a call to help heal humanity and the earth.

Its frequencies are of inner peace, passion, and joy and it reminds you to embrace your rightful powers and unlock your potential.

Rhodochrosite gently churns the Solar Plexus Chakra, encouraging you to feel spontaneous, exuberant, and practice self-love and independence.

This crystal inspires a positive and playful attitude and a courageous heart to take action toward pursuing your dreams.

This stone also helps with non-attachment to let go of trauma related to childhood and helps you to create secure attachments in relationships as it softly soothes and opens your heart.

Want to learn more about crystals and their properties? Energy Healing 101: Your Guide to Healing Crystals

The Takeaway on Healing Crystals for Kapha Dosha

Remember that too much earth will aggravate Kapha, so stick to more heating healing crystals to balance your Kapha dosha.

Stay away from any man-made crystals like Opalite or Goldstone as these types of crystals are usually created in labs and have a lower frequency. A stone’s energy needs to be natural if you want it to heal. Choose healing crystals that come from the earth.

As an overall guidance, look for crystals that bring heat and movement to Kapha to find overall balance in this dosha.

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